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McDavid HexPad Impact Pad

SKU: MD:6515
McDavid HexPad Impact Pad maximizes cushioning for added shock absorbtion. More details...
Price: $28.99

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McDavid HexPad Impact Pad
McDavid HexPad Impact Pad
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Hexpad Technology integrated into a new low profile, form-fitting knee or elbow pad.

Features include:

  1. Hexpad Technology made up of individual hex shaped pads that conform to and move with your body for increased comfort and protection.
  2. HydraVent hDc Moisture Management Technology keeps athletes cool and dry
  3. Tapered cut behind the knee/elbow allows for full range of motion, added comfort, and mobility
  4. Lightweight, breathable, and protective
  5. Sold in pairs.




8 - 9.5


9.5 - 11


11 - 12


?12 - 14



Featured Technology:
Compression - Why do you need compression?
Compression shorts provide a performance advantage. Compression material keeps the major muscles of the legs warm, decreasing the loss of energy from unnecessary motion and vibration, and reduces muscle fatigue and cramping.
  1. Prevent muscle pulls, reduce fatigue, and recover faster
    • Compression supports the large muscle groups which helps reduce muscle pulls and fatigue.
    • The tight, contoured fit reduces the build up of lactic acid in the muscles allowing for faster recovery from workouts and competition
  2. Prevents chafing and skin irritation
    • Fits like a second layer of skin and moves with your body to help reduce abrasions, chafing, and skin irritation.
HydraVent hDc - What is HydraVent hDc Moisture Management Technology?
Technology that allows fabric to wick moisture away from the skin keeping athletes cool, dry and comfortable
  1. Stay cooler in warm environments
  2. Stay warmer in cool environments
  3. Pulls sweat away from the skin for quicker evaporation
  4. More stamina and better hydration
  5. Enhanced athletic performance
  6. Can be used for any sport, in any season
HexPad - What is HexPad?
Hexpad Technology is a patented padding system that permanently bonds dozens of individual athletic pads into fabrics. Because the pads are individually applied, they move with and conform to the body for continuous protection that isn't bulky or restricting like other pads on the market.
Hexpad is even machine washable allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into undershirts and pants, unlike anything seen before.
Hexpad Technology allows the replacement of your existing undershirts, pants, and pads with true performance products.
  1. Individual hex shaped pads move with and conform to the shape of the body providing more coverage with less restriction than traditional pads
  2. Durable, long-lasting construction
  3. All the benefits of HydraVent hDc Moisture Management Technology
  4. All the benefits of Compression wear

Why do you need HexPad?

  1. Comfort: Hexpad Technology utilizes super-lightweight athletic pads that conform to and stretch with the body. HexPad doesn't pinch or bind like traditional sports padding. It breathes for comfort and maximizes the benefits of our HydraVent hDc Moisture Management Technology, keeping athletes cool and dry.
  2. Compression: Incorporated into true compression shorts and shirts, Hexpad products also offer all the benefits of this snug fitting fabric. Compression fabric utilized in all HexPad garments support large muscle groups to help reduce pulls and fatigue, and moves with your body to prevent skin irritation, chafing, and abrasions.
  3. Protection: Hexpad uses high quality closed cell athletic foam padding, the same padding density and impact resistance that is used in pads for football and other impact sports. Hexpad is lightweight allowing for greater coverage and comfort than traditional padding systems.
  4. Durability: Products using Hexpad Technology have been designed and tested to for extreme durability. They have been used in some of the most rugged sports like professional football and rugby and wear well through at least one full season. They may be machine washed and dried. Follow directions on the label.
  5. Acceptance: Hexpad is being embraced by athletes in virtually all contact and collision sports including most college football and basketball teams, The NBA, elite soccer teams, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, and volleyball teams to name a few.

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